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Thread: upgraded from 10 to 12.04 and some apps missing

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    upgraded from 10 to 12.04 and some apps missing

    Hi i click on the icons for some apps and they have an error and do not run like Cinelerra and Cinecutie. I also can't find gimp in the menu. Used to be in the graphics>2d menu ? I am using Artistx and that is from Ubuntu. The iso/dvd includes all these apps without having to download them later. OK i went into the terminal and i was able to run gimp and cinelerra but cinecutie doesn't run....command not found is what i got. The icons in the menu are that blank type....not sure how to describe it.

    OK i took a look at the applications menu and managed to add Cinelerra to it but Cinecutie is still broken or not able to run. The icon is not correct and i am not sure about the command as when i used the terminal it didn't run that way either
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