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Thread: Remove .trash-1000 folder ONLY on usb stick (PCmanFM)

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    Question Remove .trash-1000 folder ONLY on usb stick (PCmanFM)

    I'm using Lubuntu 12.10 and PCManFM as file manager.
    The problem is that I use my USB STICK on machines with WINDOWS. Always there is a folder namer .trash-100. I wanna know if there is any way to turn of this trash thing ONLY in USB stick and portables HD without turn off on my all system. Because I need a trash can on my system.

    Sorry about my rusty english.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Remove .trash-1000 folder ONLY on usb stick (PCmanFM)

    I'm guessing there isn't a way in Ubuntu proper, as this idea sounds close to what you asked for Although it is not only for a single device. And the problem is older than the issue I point to (see the last comment).

    I have not seen anyone do this before.

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    Re: Remove .trash-1000 folder ONLY on usb stick (PCmanFM)

    ubuntu actually creates that .trash-100 folder when deleting items off the usb stick. when you delete something if you hold the shift key and hit the delete key it will permenantly delete a file and not move it to the trash folder. that trash folder is only for files that were stored on the flash drive that get deleted and has nothing to do with the system trash folder.

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    Re: Remove .trash-1000 folder ONLY on usb stick (PCmanFM)

    Even if you delete the file, unless you permanently delete something on the flash drive, another one (same name) will be created when you delete a document, picture, etc. When you empty your trash it is empty anyway and really doesn't take up very much space.
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