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Thread: unable to acces my web project

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    Angry unable to acces my web project

    HI all i recently join the community n i got a question

    i installed ubuntu 12.04 and config apache php mysql. i developed a web project which i kept in /var/www/(my project)
    note- my ip address now my co worker are unable to view the web application via browser

    i.e. when the type in there browser [my.ip.add.ress/my_project]
    they r unable to see it says "connecting ..." n still browseing
    what cud be the possible error plz help me m newbei in linux enviroment

    plzz give me step by step troubleshoot

    i really need it badly my co-workers are waiting ......:/

    in addition
    when i open my project in my own browser i use
    http://localhost/my_project it works fine but on the same when i use http://my.ip.add.ress/my_project its still connecting n browsing...n so on
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    Re: unable to acces my web project

    Do you have the index.html file still located in /var/www?
    Can the remote machines access the server by it's ip without adding /my_project.

    Possibly the web app has strict "listen" directive on what url it will respond to.

    Take a look at Apache2 logs for more info.
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