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Thread: New ubuntu OS for phones, but cant run android apps?

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    Re: New ubuntu OS for phones, but cant run android apps?

    I have a quite new Galaxy S3 still under warranty,I cannot afford to be with out a phone so I will get another to test I h two on account SIMs I can use.
    Understandable. Also, the rom being released is for a specific handset. It will be some time before that rom is ported to other handets.

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    Re: New ubuntu OS for phones, but cant run android apps?

    Quote Originally Posted by Danny1234 View Post
    I think ubuntu will develop its own apps but it will happen in 2014.
    Maybe this will shed some light on the subject of app development for Android and Ubuntu. This is from

    This is just a clip, for more insight read the post on the blog.
    The way that apps are developed

    We introduced the concept of installable web apps in the 12.10 desktop release, last October. But they really come into their own on the phone. Developers can re-purpose web applications for the phone, using the very same web app API, or they can adapt HTML5 apps they’ve already written for other mobile platforms. Both require minimum effort, which should ensure that we have plenty of new apps coming to the platform in the coming months. It’s the development of native apps, however, where things really get interesting.

    By using the new QML-based Ubuntu SDK, it’s possible to develop a native app in such a way that makes it available for both the desktop and the phone – not to mention any further form factors we address in the future. As long as you create the right interfaces, you can deliver an app for all Ubuntu form factors, but build once and upload once to the same single store, the Ubuntu Software Centre. It’s this point that I hope really enthuses the developers in the Ubuntu community – not to mention all those developers around the world who work on the web or in mobile and who already use Ubuntu on their desktops.
    Hope this helped explain app development.
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