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Thread: Cairo-dock autohide issue

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    Cairo-dock autohide issue

    I've asked all around on IRC and have not gotten any answers. And googling, while I get lots of results, I have not been able to find my specific issue. So, I come here as kind of a last resort. :-/

    So here is the problem:

    I've installed cairo-dock, and while I like it a lot more than AWN (which I have been using for years), I am having problems with autohide. When I set the dock to one of the autohide settiongs, it is almost impossible to get the dock to appear on mouseover. The only way to get the dock to appear when in autohide mode, is to mouseover the EXACT spot of the current foreground applications icon position on the dock. Like if chromium is your foreground application, you have to mouseover exactly where the chromium icon would be on the dock. I have tried Gnome and XFCE, it doesn't make a difference what DE I am in.

    Obviously, this is not the proper function of autohide, and I am unable to find a solution anywhere else. So, I have come to the great folks here at ubuntu forums, hoping someone can help me solve this issue.

    Thanks in advance.
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