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Thread: MySQL on 12.04

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    Re: MySQL on 12.04

    Thanks will look into this. Not really worried about how clunky, just want to assess the lie of the land so to speak.

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    Re: MySQL on 12.04

    Quote Originally Posted by Lagbehind View Post
    1. How do I install php to work on a single pc is it as straight forward as Mysql and workbench?
    sudo apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php5 php5-mysql
    The second package provides support to push files with .php extensions through the PHP parser. The third package includes the driver that lets PHP talk to MySQL servers.

    The installation is simple, but you'll need to learn how to write PHP code.

    After you have installed PHP, check out the installation by first creating the file /var/www/info.php like this:

    sudo echo '<?php phpinfo()?>' > /var/www/info.php
    Then visit http://localhost/info.php with a browser. You should see a complete listing of PHP and its installed modules and services.
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