I must be missing something easy. Brain block on my end.

* Ubuntu 12.04.x
* LXDE environment (no Unity!)
* Thunderbird v17.0

In the LX panel at the top of my screen, Thunderbird notifications are displayed. I don't dislike the "new email" notifications, but the 40+ "cannot connect to mail server" notifications that happen nightly when the server is backed up is a problem. Any idea how to disable error notifications? I'm too lazy to shutdown Thunderbird overnight - actually, the VM where my cloud desktop runs 24/7 so all the programs and windows stay in known places.

I'd be happy to disable all notifications from Thunderbird. The settings in Edit-Preferences-General are not checked for "show an alert" or "play a sound". Inside the customized alerts, none of those boxes are check either.

$ man notification-daemon
No manual entry for notification-daemon

I'd really just like to disable the no-server-connection error alerts.

I must be missing something easy. Nothing jumped out when scanning the About:Config settings.