Upon staring to build the repo locally from Github. The process gets as far as;

repo has been initialized in /mnt/75B617D71317BEFF/Touch Build
Fetching projects: 6% (7/116) remote: Counting objects: 68239, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (21180/21180), done.
Receiving objects: 99% (68135/68239), 70.82 MiB | 109 KiB/s

...and at this point it freezes. Left it to do its thing over night, it only came with an error of something like 'unable to sync repo'. I forgot to copy the error message. Have used '-c' to continue a few times, all this done as root. I am at a loss, if anyone has any ideas of how to remedy this, it would be most appreciated.