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Thread: Anyone any good with audacious?

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    Anyone any good with audacious?

    Thanks for reading this.

    I just dont understand how to store URL's for radio streams.

    Doesnt make any sense to me.

    I mean, I can open a URL no prob but Ive got like 10 streams that I listen to -

    Thanks -

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    Re: Anyone any good with audacious?

    You could put the stream URL's in a *.pls (playlist) file or *.m3u file (another type of playlist file. You will have to search for the format. Once the file is created you can open it in audacious and select which stream to play with the "next track" button.

    Since you only have 10 streams, you could add them manually. File-->Add URL. Once you have added all 10: Playlist-->Export Playlist. This will create a properly-formatted playlist file.
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    Re: Anyone any good with audacious?

    There is a recent thread that deals with a nice lua script for playing back radio streams with vlc rather than audacious that might interest you:

    I attach a screenshot of this script in action, sounds exactly like what you are after . The visualisation is ProjectM...
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