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Thread: Filename starts with %

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    Filename starts with %

    I have a file with the name %gconf.xml in the folder /home/<user>/.gconf/apps.

    What does it mean when a filename starts with a %

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    Re: Filename starts with %

    I have googled this one a good bit and can find nothing substantive on it. It seems to me to be the way the gnome developers named the file. I can not see where it is significant like a preceding . (hides the file) or such. Sorry it is not better answer but all I can find. I can find it is named with the % but no reason as to why...

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    Re: Filename starts with %

    It has no real significance unless thought of in terms of interaction with other applications. It's a freedesktop coding standards sort of thing. If you want to read more here is some links:

    I wouldn't worry about it though. It doesn't hurt your system or anything. It was designed that way on purpose for interaction with the gconf application.

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