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Thread: Need To help

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    Need To help

    Hello to all UBUNTU Users. I would love to get involved in helping the ubuntu project. I am interested in joining the coding section.

    But I am new to coding, but fairly comfortable with linux, command line etc.,

    I would love to contribute by way of code, so please guide me as to how I could go about.

    I cannot code for kernel or other operating system level needs.

    If there is any other are to which I could contribute code I would need your help and support


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    Re: Need To help

    Seems as if I don't quite understand your question. There are certainly more options to contribute than kernel development. Packaging software is one of it, which requires much less programming knowledge.
    If I were you I would read the developer documentation

    and see what options are available to me.

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    Re: Need To help

    Quote Originally Posted by network45 View Post
    Hello to all UBUNTU Users. I would love to get involved in helping the ubuntu project...
    I see you joined the Ubuntu Forums in 2005 but this is your first post so I must wish you a belated welcome.

    One good starting point to "get involved" is to actively participate in these forums. That way you can learn what problems other users are having and, hopefully, you can then help them to resolve their problems. This process means that we can all "learn as we go".

    As your Linux experience expands you can then participate further as detailed in the Get Involved link posted by 2F4U.

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    Re: Need To help

    I agree with the suggestions that it would help you help others if you became part of the Ubuntu community.

    Here are a couple of links for development.

    You might find this especially interesting:

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