I'm currently using a laptop as my computer for various reasons I'd rather not get into. At the moment I dual boot but I do plan to switch to Ubuntu permanently after 13.04 is released and my exams are out of the way so I can then use all my time setting up the laptop with Ubuntu and getting it configured nice so it runs nice and smooth, not saying it has any install problems though.

The only thing I can't decide. Is Jupiter Applet or Laptop-mode-tools for laptop power management. Jupiter is nice as it auto switches power settings when you are plugged into mains or running from the the battery and the handy little GUI you get with it has a whole host of other features as well. However laptop-mode-tools is nice as you can configure it however you like and not use these preset options you get on Jupiter (although with some tweaking to source code before installing you could probably change them). Also laptop-mode-tools doesn't have a GUI as far as I'm aware.

I'm wondering which one is better. Jupiter has always worked for me but laptop-mode-tools is in the official repositories. I think it would be nice if Jupiter was in the repositories and you got an option in the Ubuntu installer to install Jupiter if you are running on an laptop so it comes setup better for laptop users out of the box/disc.