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Thread: Weird, long list on bootup into 12.04

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    Weird, long list on bootup into 12.04

    The last 2 days I have received a weird boot screen in 12.04 and I need help figuring it out. My system has been fluky since I upgraded from 11.10 a few days ago.
    On yesterday and today, the boot screen shows 30 lines of this code:
    Line 1) Ubuntu with Linux 3.2.0-35 Generic (on/dev/sda1)
    Line 2) Ubuntu with Linux 3.2.0-35 Generic Recovery mode (on/dev/sda1)
    Line 3) Memory test memtest 86+ serial console 115200
    Line 4) Ubuntu with Linux 3.0-29- Generic (on /dev/sda1)

    This is repeated 26 times, alternating lines 1 & 2

    The bottom 4 lines change to:
    Line 27) Ubuntu with Linux 2.6.38 -13 Generic (on dev/sda1)
    Line 28) Ubuntu with Linux 2.6.38 -13 Recovery mode Generic (on dev/sda1)

    While I have used Ubuntu for a couple of years, I'm still kinda in the dark about what's what and how to fix things. Version 11.10 worked fine for my needs. this and other problems just began with the upgrade.

    I hand copied the boot screen code because Prt Sc wouldn't work for me.

    My system: AMD Quad core Phenom, 4 gigs memory, 650 Gb HDD, ASUS M3A78-EM motherboard.

    Troubleshooting Information:

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    I hope someone can help me fix this stuff. I hope I don't have to re-install 12.04 - I'd rather go back to 11.10

    There are some other problems with the system, but I'll deal with those later.


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    Re: Weird, long list on bootup into 12.04

    Nothing to worry about this is just a list of all the ubuntu kernels installed on your system, when a kernel is updated the previous ones are kept. It might be worth uninstalling the older kernels, just keeping the last 2 as they are using up space.

    It is slightly odd, however, as since 11.10 the old kernels have been hidden on the grub screen behind previous "versions of Linux" I would remove the kernels you don't want and run sudo update-grub

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    Re: Weird, long list on bootup into 12.04

    That takes a load off my mind. Thanks.
    Now, if I can get Firefox and Chromium to quit eating my bookmarks and password files, I can relax a bit - until the next Linux beat down.

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    Re: Weird, long list on bootup into 12.04

    The upgrade should have removed those 11.10 kernels, the 2.6 ones. A fresh install certainly does, which is a reason why some of us recommend a fresh install.

    You can use Synaptic Package Manager to remove the extra kernels. It is not installed by default in 12.04 but you might have it because it was installed in 11.10.

    You need to write down all the kernels that you want to remove. At the Grub menu press the space bar and that will stop the count down timer. Now you can make a note of what you have got.

    Keep at least two kernels. On my 12.04.1 the latest kernel is 3.2.0-35 and the one before that is 3.2.0-34. Make sure that the 3.2.0-34 kernel works by booting into it. The others can be removed by searching for them in Synaptic and marking them for complete removal.

    Then run

    sudo update-grub
    and you should see a cleaner menu.

    Towards the end of January 12.04 will be updated from Grub 1.99 to Grub 2.0 and the menu will look different.

    The first item on the menu will be the latest kernel and it will be labelled "Ubuntu." Then all the older kernels will be found in a sub-menu called "Advanced options for Ubuntu." It is a neater looking menu.

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