I've recently installed Ubuntu 13 on my laptop, and its working perfectly baring too issues i want to sort out,

My Laptop is a Dell XPS L502X.

Issue 1:. The mouse clicks don't work some times. Usually after a few reboots, it starts working, and works fine till the next reeboot. The problem is mostly with the LEFT mouse button, and the touch pad is plagued with the same symptoms as well.. There is nothing wrong with both the touch pad and mouse.

Issue 2: Sound works out of the box, but the quality of the sound is not as great. Is there a specific Realtech Waves Maxxaudio driver for ubuntu that has to be installed separately, or are there any other fixes.

Thank you in advance for any aid you can offer. Having said that, my knowledge of linux is minimal at best, so please give me step by step instructions.