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Thread: Unconfigured domain issues after using Tor

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    Unconfigured domain issues after using Tor

    I just instaled and used Tor for the first time in my Ubuntu 12.10. After closing the browser and trying to restart Tor, I started getting a message from Tor:

    "Another Vidalia process is possibly already running. If there really is not another Vidalia process running, you can choose to continue anyway. Would you like to continue starting Vidalia?"

    So I googled it and did more or less what is described in the post:
    and it solved the problem in that I was able to start a new Tor session after that. (I might have killed the wrong things here...)

    But then, after closing Tor, I went back to regular browsing in Chrome, and when I type in it redirects to a page with the following message:

    "This domain points to a Wikimedia Foundation server, but is not configured on this server."

    I tried Firefox, but got the same result. The address still works in the incognito window of Chrome, though. I have already cleared the cache and browsing data, and I have restarted the computer, but it is still redirecting (or rather telling me it is an "unconfigured domain"). Could somebody please help? Thanks!
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    Re: Unconfigured domain issues after using Tor

    Never mind, it is solved, I cleaned the browser and it went back to normal. For some reason it wasn't working before...

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