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Thread: Rsync --- is sudo required?

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    Rsync --- is sudo required?

    Local Backup
    sudo rsync -azvv /home/path/folder1/ /home/path/folder2
    Backup Over Network
    sudo rsync --dry-run --delete -azvv -e ssh /home/path/folder1/ remoteuser@remotehost.remotedomain:/home/path/folder2
    This is quoted from:

    I know sudo isn't needed for a local backup but I don't know about "backup over network".

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    Re: Rsync --- is sudo required?

    can't say it for sure but the man says no!
    Rsync is a fast and extraordinarily versatile file copying tool. It
    can copy locally, to/from another host over any remote shell, or
    to/from a remote rsync daemon. It offers a large number of options
    that control every aspect of its behavior and permit very flexible
    specification of the set of files to be copied. It is famous for its
    delta-transfer algorithm, which reduces the amount of data sent over
    the network by sending only the differences between the source files
    and the existing files in the destination. Rsync is widely used for
    backups and mirroring and as an improved copy command for everyday

    Rsync finds files that need to be transferred using a "quick check"
    algorithm (by default) that looks for files that have changed in size
    or in last-modified time. Any changes in the other preserved
    attributes (as requested by options) are made on the destination file
    directly when the quick check indicates that the file’s data does not
    need to be updated.

    Some of the additional features of rsync are:

    o support for copying links, devices, owners, groups, and permis‐

    o exclude and exclude-from options similar to GNU tar

    o a CVS exclude mode for ignoring the same files that CVS would

    o can use any transparent remote shell, including ssh or rsh

    o does not require super-user privileges

    o pipelining of file transfers to minimize latency costs

    o support for anonymous or authenticated rsync daemons (ideal for

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    Re: Rsync --- is sudo required?

    Sudo is only required for two reasons:
    1: to gain read/write access to files/directories it would not otherwise have access to, and
    2: to be able to set the correct owner/group on files it writes.

    When doing a backup for multiple users, then clearly you need both of these abilities. When syncing for a single user, then neither is required. In fact, because you are giving a username for the remote login, running rsync under sudo at your local end won't help with reading/writing remote files anyway.


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