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Thread: How to COMPLETELY FORMAT a Hard Drive?

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    How to COMPLETELY FORMAT a Hard Drive?

    I have 2 hard drives at the moment.
    1. Internal Laptop HDD - I have 2 partitions, one partitions works just fine, other don't, but I extracted all my datats from the one that doesn't.

    2. I have an external 500gb HDD, which I am booting ubuntu from and have stored all my recovered files in there.

    So now, I need to COMPLETELY wipe out, format and refresh my Internal HDD. which needs formatting because of the corrupt windows files that even block proper fresh windows 8 installation.

    HOW? I tried "DISKS" application but it gave me an error.

    I can use testdisk to copy files from the broken partition of y internal HDD, and access it, it's all visible on testdisk but how do I forcefully format and clean it?

    Are there any softwares, commands or some tricks to do that?
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