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Thread: Query: Ubuntu on an Android Notebook with VIA processor

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    Query: Ubuntu on an Android Notebook with VIA processor

    Hi All,

    I am not sure if I have targeted the correct sub-forum. Let me know if I need to repost elsewhere.

    Is it possible to install ubuntu on an android notebook? Either by removing Android or being able to run both.

    The notebook has the following hardware specifications:
    Processor: VIA 8850 Cotex A9 1.2GHz CPU
    RAM: 512mb
    Space: 4Gb
    and was going to purchase a VIA 8850 with 1.5GHz from amazon.

    I was considering buying a raspberry pie to play around with and a 3.5 inch lcd screen. However, I saw relatively cheap (android) notebooks that compare to the raspberry pi but has inbuilt keyboard and screen.

    I was hoping to use the android notebook with Ubuntu for light weight tasks. Primarily it would be handy to do Web, Mail and compile Latex documents when I travel to computer conferences. It would make my carry-on luggage that much lighter

    Ideally, I'd love to be able to dual-boot the android notebook to use the (rooted) android os when needed and a regular ubuntu OS when needed.

    Any comments are most welcome.

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    Re: Query: Ubuntu on an Android Notebook with VIA processor

    You can, but the result isn't very polished.

    If you can get the power management to work properly on Linux, these things are -wicked- on battery. I've managed to squeeze around 3 hours out of it with the wifi on, brightness full, browsing away, music going, openoffice running, they're slick.

    I haven't seen an Ubuntu port though, not so far at least.
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