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Thread: Help! Screen keeps timing out!

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    Help! Screen keeps timing out!

    Hi im new to Ubuntu, and im trying to stop my screen from going black due to inactivity, it even does it when im watching a movie. I went into power option and set it to never time out, but it still times out after about 10-15 minutes.. please help, i have looked everywhere in the settings and havnt found anything!

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    Re: Help! Screen keeps timing out!


    I installed caffeine to get over this with gnome-screensaver added as a process name.
    I'm on 12.04 - You could do a search to find out a little more about it.

    Here's a link for the ppa -

    Cheers -

    Edit : I have had a look and have seen that kworker is also added as a process name - For what reason I'm not sure but it works for me.
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