I have been running ubuntu 11 on a Toshiba laptop alongside windows XP. I (stupidly) DELETED the drive with ubuntu on it (in effort to uninstall ubuntu) and tried to combine the "unallocated" space to the c: drive for XP (did this while running XP). After restarting computer, I only get this:


Yes, little grub, I deleted that partition!!! Oops.

What I want is to boot into windows from the c: drive. But how?

I tried putting the original installation disc in the drive and rebooting, but no luck (computer does not "see" the disk. Has anyone had and resolved this problem?

More background info: I started out just trying to uninstall ubuntu, but it did not appear in any list of installed software. I read somewhere in these forums to delete the partition and that that would essentially do the job. Any ideas?