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Thread: Lubuntu does not use all of my RAM

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    Re: Lubuntu does not use all of my RAM

    Gfx memory usage is setup in the bios which you would have to change each time, their is no automatic way of doing this...

    So long as your system works ok even with 3.3gb of memory available hold on for some future updates either for Ubuntu itself through the kernel or your laptop bios and I'm sure one of these will fix the memory available for you...

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    Re: Lubuntu does not use all of my RAM

    Same issue here on a HP-Compaq nc6320. Flipping both 2GB RAMs did not help. BIOS shows 4 GB, no switch for video-RAM in latest BIOS Version 1.24 (upgraded).
    Interesting: even Memtest can test only 3319 MB, but it shows both 2GB RAMs built in (when pressing c-5).
    Has anyone filed this as a bug report?
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