I am running Lubuntu 12.10 64bit on my hp nx7400 laptop.
I recently upgraded my RAM to 4GB (2x2GB memory modules), however sysinfo only displays 3.3GB of available RAM.

In the bios I can clearly see 4GB of ram installed and I can also run a diagnosis check on the memory in the bios. So it seems to be operating system related.

So, I am wondering what happened to the rest of it.

In this post: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.p...0#post12429300
it is suggested that it might have something to do with shared video memory, however it is not posted how to verify that.

Does someone know how to:

  • check the amount shared video memory?
  • change the amount of shared video memory?
  • find out what else might be the cause?