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Thread: jackd frames/period & latency

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    Question [SOLVED] jackd frames/period & latency

    I recently upgraded to 12.04 and found that with jackd latency coming out at 46mS, using my midi keyboard to play into rosegarden wasn't, in fact, very usable at all.

    I found with some experimentation that I could get the latency figure down to a more usable 11mS by altering frames/period from 1024 down to 256.

    Can someone give me an idea if there will be other repercussions to look out for? I seem to remember some online documentation for jackd that mentioned this, but I can't seem to find much in my searches.

    I'm a guitar/bass player usually, so don't use keyboard input very often, maybe I should just change this parameter when I need to and stay at 1024 otherwise?
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