I have been interested in Mixxx for quite some time, and would consider it as an improvement to Virtual DJ if only I could use it to play Karaoke as I occasionally work as a Karaoke DJ. So far I have not seen any ability in Mixxx to display lyrics in a separate window. I wonder whether it would be possible for me to either a) call VLC Media Player to automatically play a .cdg file when the appropriate MP3 file has been selected, or b) incorporate VLC code into Mixxx such that it had a "Built In" capacity to play a .cdg file and display it in a window.

PyKaraoke also has the functionality to do this, but is written in a different language.

As you may have gathered, my coding skills are definitely lacking as far as this task is concerned, and I am probably massively oversimplifying the issue, but is it a concept that may be worthy of investigation?