Hey there.

First post on the Ubuntu forums!

I have recently tried to emulate playstation games by using the PCSX emulator. However, many of the games i have are using the CUE/BIN-format. PCSX does not have support for loading CUE/BIN. This is normally not a problem, since it's possible to convert CUE/BIN to ISO with 'bchunk'.

However, many games have movie sequences and audiotracks on separate tracks in the CD, which can result in multiple BIN-files. So, you have a pile of BIN-files, and one CUE-sheet that explains "how they work together".

It is my understanding that bchunk can only convert one BIN-file into ISO.

My question is therefore - do you have any suggestion on how to either convert multiple BIN-files into one ISO? Or, maybe i should mount the CUE/BIN somehow?

As a side note - i am new to Linux, and my Lubuntu install is very close to the default install.

Thanks in advance for your input!