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Thread: lost desktop settings

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    lost desktop settings

    Starting up the computer, I had what seemed to be a mounting problem, something to the effect of "/temp could not be accessed", I was given the option to hit F to try to fix the problem and I did, now the computer starts but my desktop settings seem to have left the building - installed software has vanished from the launcher bar, time and date settings have changed, wallpaper picture has reverted to default - however I can see my own at the login screen!?

    I wonder, what's happened.. ideas? Hard drive failure springs to mind, it's a fairly new ssd though so Iwouldn't bet money on it failing just yet.

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    Re: lost desktop settings

    same problem here this morning.
    After a normal reboot unity is not loading user settings and reverts to ubuntu defaults.
    Even worse I can not modify any settings because it immediately reverts to default.
    Strange thing is that in login screen the correct desktop wallpaper is loading fine.
    Anyone has a solution?


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