I'm trying to create a typical Ubuntu terminal which by logging starts Remote Desktop Windows 2008 server running only one application. User has ability to work on this one application. Once off remote desktop Ubuntu logs off.

This all works fine and I'm happy.
Remote desktop to run the rdesktop fullscreen option.

The problem is that sometimes when I need to turn off the remote desktop. The built-in Windows RDP or RDP type remmina (ubuntu) we have a signboard at the top of the screen which can turn your desktop.

Does rdesktop is also possible to run a plate or something like that? Or do you have a proposal for another program that runs from the terminal RDP?

I know that ctrl + alt + enter will reduce the screen to the window but I deliberately do not want to use and show. The situation requires that the user did not have access to a desktop computer.

The solution would be to automatically logout when such problems with the network. The consequence of this would be to log out of Ubuntu and it's enough to me. Now, unfortunately, the problems with the network computer freezes :/

Thanks for any suggestions.