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Thread: LightWave 3D & Fusion RenderSlaves ( Run .bat in Ubuntu Wine )

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    Arrow LMTools.exe or HASP Dongle not working

    This is an issue that came out of an other thread of mine:
    "[SOLVED] How to bring Windows mapped drive in linux wine"

    This is my SetUp:
    - 1 Master PC Running Win7 with Lightwave 3D content and Eyeon Fusion Comp files on it.
    - 2 Slave IntelPro Mac's running Ubuntu 12.10, Wine 1.5.19, Lightwave 11.02 and Eyeon RenderSlave 6.32.
    - 1 Slave has a Sentinel HASP Dongle that contains the License key for the Eyeon Fusion RenderSlaves.

    How I run my Eyeon Fusion RenderSlave:
    I use a script that boots my RenderSlave in Ubuntu and it can find it's license on a Windows based Machine. ( Using LMTools.exe => )
    The point is that the OS of this machine ( running the license service ) needs to be replaced by Ubuntu as well.
    So In this case it can't find its license because of a FlexLM Service- or HASP Driver problem.

    Until now I've tried the next thing:
    - Installed LMTools.exe in wine and setting it up like in the link above.
    - In de Wine RegEdit I've made a System Variable like in the link above.
    - Installed Hasp Driver, but I think this is the problem.

    * What driver do I need to have this HASP be recognized ( Linux or Windows in wine )?
    * And how can I check if the Dongle is working properly in Ubuntu or in Wine?
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