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Thread: Crossover error when starting a World of tanks

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    Crossover error when starting a World of tanks

    Hi everyone!

    I have a little problem when i am launching a game World of tanks.

    Step by step,
    So i have dell N5110 and video card 525m. To use Video card i installed bumblebee . So far it was great.
    Next step.
    I installed 32 bit crossover which works like wine but more simple for rookies like me.
    After that i installed with it a game WoT eu version 8.2 . All was great but problem started when i logged in and game started Updating vehicle, it freezes and later shows that there were a error ,bu when i try to look more detailed its not showing anything.

    somewhere i readed that its integrated sandy bridge video card problem. But how i can change between them?

    iam using ubuntu 12.10. And why it shows graphic unknown in system?


    i couldn't fix main problem with game because it stills shows that game crashed.

    but i fixed problem with unknown graphic card- i forgot to install mesa-utils.
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