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Thread: Windows partition

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    Unhappy Windows partition

    Hi Friends,

    I'm a beginner to this thread... Sorry if I forgot the equities for posting a thread.

    Actually my query is,

    I have xp OS which was installed in the c drive. I want to install ubuntu to d drive. But my d drive has 75GB it couldn't afford to install. So I badly need to increase my d drive. As i searched I got the Gparted to re-size the drive. I reduce the size of E drive and made 15gb free. But that is in the unallocated space of the system. So how can I add those free space in to the d drive. Please suggest a step by step procedure to solve this problem...

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Re: Windows partition

    75 GB is more than enough for Ubuntu. If you want help increasing the size of that partition, boot Ubuntu using the live cd, open up a terminal and run the following command.

    sudo fdisk -l
    When that's done, paste the output in this thread.

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