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Thread: Which is more secure: The iPhone or Ubuntu?

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    Re: Which is more secure: The iPhone or Ubuntu?

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    Re: Which is more secure: The iPhone or Ubuntu?

    iOS 5 will probably be just as safe to use on that network as iOS 6. Very little malware will target specific errors in older versions of iOS.
    Many older ipads / iphones do not get an update to iOS 6 and I have not heard stories of them being very prone to viruses issues.

    That said, fix your network...
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    Re: Which is more secure: The iPhone or Ubuntu?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nr90 View Post
    This forum is about Ubuntu mobile, not about the security of your iPhone.
    no its not.

    This sub-forum is about mobile technology. and the thread is about iPhone vs Ubuntu.

    The OP can make the thread about any subject they wish as long as it is inline with the forum topic and CoC

    from the sub-forum topic:
    Mobile Technology Discussions A place to discuss smartphones, tablets, and anything to do with mobile technology.
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