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Thread: P2P Search Engine

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    P2P Search Engine

    Someone mentioned a peer to peer search engine in a support thread and I've taken a look at it. Seems to be pretty clever. It seems like the limiting factor at the moment might be the number of nodes in the network. Anyone else interested in taking look and running a peer on their server?

    Here's a quick overview:
    and there's a download on their homepage. It's dead easy to set up as well. And after running for a short period of time I'm already starting to see reasonable results for popular topics.
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    Re: P2P Search Engine


    I have actually myself been trying to install and setup YaCy but I cannot figure out how to do it no matter how hard I try (I use 32-bit Ubuntu, by the way). Where could I get a walk-through of the installation process?

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    Re: P2P Search Engine

    I had the same problem as Tupaq. Any help would be great. Thanks


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