Hey Ubuntu Forums

My parents laptop has died not allowing me any access to the OS (Windows Vista). I can fix it, just it would require a wipe of everything. This means I want to recover the data on there first.

I have got very close to a solution using Ubuntu. Pretty much this is my situation:

- Ive got Ubuntu installed on a USB, and my laptop boots from it fine.
- I can see the HDD with windows on it and can navigate around all the folders.
- However I cannot see any of the files that should be on the HDD, only the folders.
- I think this is due to the permissions set on the HDD. Under File Access it is: '---' nothing. I try to change this but once I apply the changes, it reverts back to the odd settings

Is there anyway to change the permissions of my HDD so I can transfer the files to another USB plugged into the computer?

P.S. I do not want to tinker too much with the HDD with windows on it because I dont want to do any irreversible damage, as we can always send it to a specialist to recover the data (expensive). I just want to copy to data onto my USB

Thanks for your time,