Hi. I installed Xbmcbuntu a while back and everything was going just fine. I have my movies and TV series on another computer, but accessing this over the network was not a problem. Downloading covers and metainfo was not an issue either.

When I turned on the computer today I suddenly can't access my media files even though absolutely nothing have changed. I can access my main computer (the one with the media) with every other windows 7 computers, even with the same network cable. I've tried restarting my router with no luck and I've restarted Xmbcbuntu several times as well. If I enter the settings I see that the Xbmcbuntu computer has gotten an IP adress and under "Network access" it says "connected", but I still can't reach my media files! When trying to add a new media location, choosing "browse" and "Windows networks (SMB)" it lists nothing all though I know there's loads of folders shared on my network.

I'm having a big get together tomorrow and it's imminent that this computer is working. If it won't, I will have to install windows 7 or something, but I don't really wan't that.