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Thread: How to get the Gnomenu in KDE?

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    Question How to get the Gnomenu in KDE?

    I searched for it, but no one had clear instructions.

    I installed the Gnomenu from the tarball.
    A configuration page appeared and I set it up.

    But how to get it on the panel?
    I tried the gnomenu plasmoid but it does not work.

    Also, the repositories are down, they show 404 error when updating the repositories.

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    Re: How to get the Gnomenu in KDE?

    The Gnomenu was built to work with the Gnome 2 panel and I used on Ubuntu 10.10. I was not aware of a KDE version because it is/was very similar the the KDE default menu but the Gnomenu had many themes available
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    Re: How to get the Gnomenu in KDE?

    In my experiences with using KDE based stuff in Gnome or LXDE some works and some doesn't. For example I use the KRDC VNC in LXDE without issues while a few other KDE based items I have tried either don't work at all or only a small percentage of the capabilities work properly.

    In this situation you're asking about it really wouldn't make any sense do do such a thing.

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