I'm having some problems with battery life in Ubuntu. My HP Probook 6475b with the A10-4600m processor has about 6 hours in Windows, but less than 3 in Ubuntu. I'm basically only doing text processing in both cases. In both Ubuntu and Windows the backlight is dimmed to some degree.

This huge difference in battery performance in Ubuntu and Windows really discourages me from using Ubuntu when my laptop is not plugged in. I am not using the fglrx drivers for my A10-4600m since ATI still has them in Beta. I tried using them for a while, but Ubuntu keeps upgrading my kernel and the fglrx beta drivers keeps breaking because of this (how do other people deal with this? reinstalling the beta drivers each time the kernel is upgraded is quite painful.) If I remember correctly one of the selling points of the A10-4600m APU was that it would only use one core under low load, which would dramatically improve battery life. But without the drivers in Ubuntu this may not be working properly. Could this cause the huge difference in battery performance?