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Thread: Re: No Ubuntu selection on Windows Dev Preview

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    Unhappy Re: No Ubuntu selection on Windows Dev Preview

    Quote Originally Posted by searchfgold6789 View Post
    I am certainly going to give that a try, and then I'll post back with my results.
    I know this is an old post, but i got similar issues. You wrote you are going to post some results, but there's nothing here. So please, if you have some, post them.

    My current problem is this one:
    I've been using wubi to run Ubuntu 10.04 for the last 2 years. In that time i've reinstalled win7 3-4 times. The only thing I did to get the wubi back and running is that I've copied these files(wubildr, wubildr.mbr) to C:. Now I've installed win8 and the thing I was doing on win7 (copying those files) dones't work in win8.

    I hope some1 will know how to fix this. Reinstalling Ubuntu is not an option. Because I need the data on that Ubuntu.


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    Re: No Ubuntu selection on Windows Dev Preview

    Post post moved to own thread as it should have been.


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