On the barriers to getting XP out of my office and everything running Ubuntu 12.04 lts (64-bit), has been geeting Quickbooks 5 for Windows (1997 version) to run. I have tried Crossover and Wine without success. My Son got an iPad Nano for Christmas, and I had to get it running. He had done some research and found that Playonlinux was recommended. After we got iTunes 7 running, I then experimented on what else it could do. Would it load Quickbooks? The install program died at same point it did with Crossover. I tried again using the option to set Wine parameters. I set Wine for Win 95 and tried again. The installer failed, but when I closed out the installer, I found QBW.EXE listed as an installed program under Playonlinux. I highlighted QBX.EXE and hit run. I loaded and ran fine.

Next step was to transfer my QBB backup files from my XP system. QBW would not recognize them unless I put them in the "z" drive under home/john. Once there, QBW restored them correctly.

Both my office Ubuntu machines are running 64-bit Ubunutu 12.04 lts, using AMD cpu's and 8 GB RAM. I hope others with QB 5 can try to see if they can get it to run under Ubuntu.

Thank you,