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    GnuPG impossible to use

    Hi guys, please try not to jump on my case on this one, tnx. I understand that the topic has been covered countless times, but bear with me if you would pls; also I can't ask for clarification in a old post, because of the wrath of the moderators (making indexing of old threads practically useless and no different than something like the Yahoo! questions, but never mind that ;) :))

    Ok, after generating and getting through the initial host of problems including Screwed up permissions on .gnupg folder - unable to fix with chown (and many more different scenarios, where other stuff happens), I get:

    ~$ gpg --list-keys
    pub   2048R/886DDD89 2009-09-04 [expires: 2016-08-28]
    uid         archive signing key
    sub   2048R/219EC810 2009-09-04 [expires: 2014-08-29]
    pub   4096R/6DA04611 2012-12-25
    uid                  Vladimir Nostromov <>
    sub   4096R/10F3D8C8 2012-12-25
    Enigmail in Thunderbird says there's nothing and then after exporting my PUB key to file and importing it, it gives a cryptic message about the key 'not changed'. I am still left with nothing:

    Then there is gpa. Installed and when loading with my user, it either crashes and/or displays a couple of usually different errors. It can be run as root, but then it will just use the different .gnupg folder.

    Also, now there is:

    ~$ whereis gpg
    gpg: /usr/bin/gpg /usr/bin/X11/gpg /usr/share/man/man1/gpg.1.gz
    kgbme@kgbme-MS-7750:~$ whereis gpg2
    gpg2: /usr/bin/gpg2 /usr/bin/X11/gpg2 /usr/share/man/man1/gpg2.1.gz
    && for sure I would prefer to use the 2.x version, but that's a whole different issue that's also impossible to manage between the OS and programs.

    Just once, I was actually able to get everything to read and then a messenger program Psi+ couldn't manage with the keys, even though Enigmail was working (seems like it happened in a different life, if you get what I mean; wiped the system clean to try again (and again) to make sure whatever errors aren't due to something that had been done before - which I know shouldn't even matter, but anyway).

    So for a relative Xubuntu noob like me, the situation is hopeless. I hope you can understand my angle - I am NOT posting for the hell of it - just trying to make *some* sense of the whole deal and learn how to manage this. So far, I'm just wasting days of time - at a time - and now I'm wasting yours. If there's any advice, or whatever you can think of, pls just post it, tnx. Err., that would be: constructive advice.

    ~$ lsb_release -a
    No LSB modules are available.
    Distributor ID:	Ubuntu
    Description:	Ubuntu 12.10
    Release:	12.10
    Codename:	quantal
    PS. I am totally clueless, as to what the procedure would be and what I should be doing to get any kind of GnuPG functionality as you can probably tell. It's not just this particular example posted in my thread, it's the whole deal. I went through *all* of the URLs available online, on the forums and on the Ubuntu site(s) a good number of times. Grasping @ straws here, thanks for reading and pls help unless you think I should just unplug my PC from the wall (which I wouldn't blame you).

    Edit: If I use Enigmail to generate the keypair, the OS can't see it and vice-versa (Enigmail detects gpg and using gpg-agent for passphrases from options) . I suppose they are kept separate and I should just forget about it and use Enigmail for mail and gpg from terminal for whatever.. but it's just not making (much) sense to me at all. :f

    PPS. Never mind, lock it, delete it pls... I'll have to figure this out, tnx.
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