Hey, long time lurker here. Finally came up against something my google-fu is not helping me fix.

I've been using PCSX Reloaded 1.92 on my lappie for some time to play PS1 games. Due to some recent graphics anomalies, I decided to start experimenting with different plug-ins. Everything is going great except for one thing: I can't configure the graphics plug-ins through the emu.

I'm messing around with Pete's Plug-ins 1.8 and the XGL2 2.9. They work fine, are recognized, and I can make changes to the config files, manually, and those changes are reflected during game play. However, I push the button inside of PCSX to configure the plug-in, nothing happens.

I've tried putting the files in the CFG directory, home directory, and in usr/lib/games/psemu (setting up symlinks in the default directory), nothing. Just wandering what else I could be missing.

Specifically what I'm trying to do is mess around with shaders using the XGL2 plug-in. I see in the config file where I can specify the shader directory (easy enough), but is there a string to specify the shader to use?

Thanks for any advice you all can offer.