While rendering a small project (15 mins video) with my laptop to DVD (NTSC 16.9 VOB), the process stopped with the following message:

"Problem in melt: Sorry, the program "melt" closed unexpectedly. Your computer does not have enough memory to automatically analyze the problem and send report to developers."
I moved the project to a desktop that has much more RAM, and still get the same failure. The laptop and desktop have Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) OS and KDEnlive version Then, I moved again the project to another desktop that has Ubuntu 10.04 LTS OS and KDEnlive version 0.9.2 and, viola! the project rendered nicely. Do you people have any suggestions to solve the problem in the machines with 12.04 OS? If the solution is to upgrade Kdenlive to 0.9.2, please advice on how to do it. The Ubuntu Software Center only has for the 12.04 OS. Thanks in advance for the help.