I am writing regarding the Broadcom 4227 wireless receiver that I have on my Acer 5755G laptop.

I have recently tried installing Lubuntu 12.10 but the wireless was not working. So I installed the pre-compliled driver that ubuntu provided. It started working after that but it does not detect my router for some reason (I can still detect neighbouring wireless networks). On windows 7, I am perfectly able to connect my router with this laptop.

To resolve this problem, I have installed both the drivers that are available: 1. STA (Broadcom proprietary) 2. Open source driver but both have not been successful in detecting the router. (But wireless does work!)

For installing and diagnosing the STA driver, I have followed the information provided at ( http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php ) even that did not help.

I cannot give much information on the router as I do not have admin access to the router settings. Additionally, I don't know if this would be useful; In order to update my repositories, I did manage to connect to this router via my android phone via tethering. Thinking this might be affecting somehow, I have even tried deleting the settings of this wired connection but even that did not prove any useful.

Any help on this matter would be much appreciated.