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Thread: Font path

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    Font path

    While trying to change fonts in a c program I get font not found using fixed fonts, how do I set the font path for gcc. When I use xset -q it show the path that my fonts are in.

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    Re: Font path

    There is no such thing as "the font path for gcc". You are probably using soem kind of GUI library, so state which one and post some code.

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    Re: Font path

    I am compiling using gcc with lX11 the code compiles but when run tell be can not find my font. the code to set the font is:

    #include <X11/Xlib.h>
    3 #include <X11/Xutil.h>
    4 #include <X11/Xresource.h>
    5 #include <stdio.h>
    6 #include <stdlib.h>
    7 #include <string.h>
    9 GC setup(Display * dpy, int argc, char ** argv, int *width_r, int *height_r,
    10 XFontStruct **font_r){
    11 int width, height;
    12 int screen_num;
    13 unsigned long background, border;
    14 Window win;
    15 GC pen;
    16 XGCValues values;
    18 char * fontname;
    19 XFontStruct *font;
    20 Colormap cmap;
    21 XColor xc, xc2;
    23 screen_num = DefaultScreen(dpy);
    25 cmap = DefaultColormap(dpy, screen_num);
    27 XAllocNamedColor(dpy, cmap, "DarkGreen", &xc, &xc2);
    28 background = xc.pixel;
    29 XAllocNamedColor(dpy, cmap, "LightGreen", &xc, &xc2);
    30 border = xc.pixel;
    31 XAllocNamedColor(dpy, cmap, "Red", &xc, &xc2);
    32 values.foreground = xc.pixel;
    34 fontname = "Ubuntu-L";
    35 font = XLoadQueryFont(dpy, fontname);
    36 if (!font) {
    37 fprintf(stderr, "unable to load preferred font: %s using fixed\n", f ontname);
    38 font = XLoadQueryFont(dpy, "fixed");
    39 }

    when the program runs font is not set so the if statement set the font to fixed trying to find a way to get the compiler to find my font.

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