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Thread: How to tie Humble Bundle 7 purchases to steam?

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    Re: How to tie Humble Bundle 7 purchases to steam?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fahim Abdun-Nur View Post
    So even if the linux binaries aren't available yet, we can still add the games to the library, no?

    I'm assuming down the road, we'll be able to play to our hearts content.
    yes, i was able to add the games using the steam key to my library but the games achievements aren't being tracked by steam cause the games are installed via Ubuntu Software Center versus being installed via steam. I have attached a picture of my steam library

    so it sucks because i am already progressing through shank 2 but steam isn't tracking it and i doubt i will go through the trouble of reinstalling any games I have played once the linux binaries hit steam. oh well

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    Re: How to tie Humble Bundle 7 purchases to steam?


    Agreed that it sucks, so even though I've installed the games through the USC, I want to track achievements and all through Steam, so I'm just lightly playing the games a bit here and there so that when the Linux ports are fully on Steam I'll be able to go into them full-tilt and quickly earn the achievements. But yeah, total pain in the neck.
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