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Thread: Looking for a simple Soundtrigger

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    Looking for a simple Soundtrigger

    Hope this is OK to post something jsut after i've posted something else, but anyway:

    I'm trying to link my camera to my laptop and use a soundtrigger to take photos. So the idea is i clap/fart whatever, and the camera takes a photo.

    I can use gphoto2 for the photo taking part, thats fine and taken care of. I just need something to detect the clap and run a script to take a photo.

    I've tried

    which is perfect on paper but i'm having problems so im looking for alternatives. I'm also looking into Entangle at the moment...

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: Looking for a simple Soundtrigger

    You could work the problem differently, install motion or zoneminder and define a small area in the center of the frame as the detection area. When anything moves in the defined area, a picture is taken. The frequency of pictures can be controlled and you can define the area as small as needed even the corner of the frame and use a pole and a card to activate.
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    Re: Looking for a simple Soundtrigger

    thats a great idea tgalati4 i never thought of that, thanks!!


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