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Thread: c++ terminal compiling problem

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    Question c++ terminal compiling problem

    hi all
    I'm new in Linux
    i just started coding c++ in Ubuntu , i can build my c++ file using Anjuta but i dont know what should i do to build that in terminal i just test "g++ file.c" and "make file.c" but both respond "iostream.h no such file or directory"
    i don't know how should i tell g++ where to look for the libraries , i mean how should i change the path for searching for libraries .
    as I'm new in terminal pls tell me what to do step by step
    even where can i find those libraires in my computer

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    Re: c++ terminal compiling problem

    1) install package build-essential
    2) try again c++ source file
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    Re: c++ terminal compiling problem

    you should probably be using <iostream> not <iostream.h>


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