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Thread: Non-Sudo User Changed Hardrive File Permisions

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    Angry Non-Sudo User Changed Hardrive File Permisions

    Hey, sorry if I don't give alot of information here but I'm kind of stumped...

    You see, my brother and I both share a laptop and a few months ago I installed Ubuntu. I've of course had some issues and problems but have always been able to solve them. I am the root user on our computer since he is younger and tech-dumb and I don't want him destroying it. However, recently while he was downloading a file onto our second hardrive, he somehow changed the file permissions and file ownership to himself and locked every other user out of it on the computer including me! Can anyone help? I need to restore access to everyone on the computer.

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    Re: Non-Sudo User Changed Hardrive File Permisions

    AfroBean; Hi ! Welcome to the forum.

    To restore access to the 2nd hard drive, A tutorial on permissions:

    Te restore access to the computer:

    hth, additional assit needed -> ask !

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