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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.JJ View Post
    This bug is now fixed. But the bugfix need nautilus to be built with tracker support (bug report says the last version in ubuntu did not have tracker support). Without this we will not see the actual files/documents in the shell search.
    Last I checked which admittedly was several months ago, nautilus with tracker enabled could lead to excessive cpu (don't remember if seen in both unity & Gs sessions

    So maybe you should re-build the current ppa nautilus with tracker enabled & see how it performs (only takes a few minutes to build
    (- have no real interest here in tracker unless it becomes default enabled & or provides something of value in a ubuntu session.

    Edit: - don't particulary see any issue with nautilus (3.7.x) being built with 'enable-tracker=yes', whether that gives you whatever you're missing don't know, only using some of those ppa's for convience & to see when/what starts breaking a ubuntu session
    (your bug link is invalid
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