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Thread: Install on USB drive

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    Install on USB drive

    I have Ubuntu 12.10 on a flash drive. On booting, it offers a trial or install. The trial is slow and does not work the way I think it is supposed to (in my ignorance).

    Can it install on the flash drive and not on my hard drive, and are there advantages over the trial version?

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    Re: Install on USB drive

    The live image allows you to install, you can add persistence to save some data, but you cannot really update install image as that is used to install system. Also fits on smaller flash drives.
    A full install really needs a minimum of 8GB. I have a full install in a 8GB partition with 8GB for data on a 16GB flash drive.

    Pros & cons of persistent install over direct install to flashdrives - C.S.Cameron
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    Re: Install on USB drive

    I only have 8GB on that drive. I will get a bigger one.


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