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Thread: Battery life with Thinkpad T430

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    Re: Battery life with Thinkpad T430

    Quote Originally Posted by offgridguy View Post
    brOadband, thanks for the input here. I appreciate the effort you went to to test this out
    and then itemize it here.
    Just for the record it's a zero (0) not a capital O.

    (and no you're not the first...)

    But yep, this old workhorse machine is probably the best laptop I've ever owned. I have a Latitude D630 here as well - that boots Windows 8 in 7.2 seconds off a 5400 rpm hard drive, go figure.

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    Re: Battery life with Thinkpad T430

    I have T430s and now running openSUSE 12.2 (3.4.x kernel). Out of box my idle was about 9W-10W (no discrete, i5-3320M) and with Powertop 2.0 suggestions (tunnable=good) it fell to around 8W and with SSD instead of HDD it is close to 7W.

    So with standard battery I get about 4.5 hours and with extra UltraBay 3-cell over 7 hours - WiFi On (active surfing), multitasking and screen @60%.

    Check the following video - a good one and if needed also make tweaks to laptop-mode config file:

    Hope that helps.

    Screenshot with lots of tabs in Firefox:
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    Re: Battery life with Thinkpad T430

    Please consider that T430 uses an optimus-enabled VGA card. Did you installed bumblebee and try to turn the useless Nvidia card off via bbswitch to see how it affects on the battery life?

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